Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Pet

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Pet

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Pet

Valentine’s Day!  Ah! Love. . . sweet treats. . . puppies . . . and snakes? Of course: snakes . . . and bunnies. . . and mice! Love has no boundaries, even amongst our beloved pets of the non-traditional variety. The bond you share with your pet iguana named Demi-Godzilla is just a precious as the love between a kitty named Cupcake and her owner.    
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What better day than
Valentine’s to spoil your pet a little more than you usually do? We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help! On a special day like this one, there’s no such thing as too much pampering. We’ve handpicked some gifts that are sure to keep your companion healthy, happy and feelin’ good.
              animal stroller Kitty Walk     
animal hammock
Health & Wellness

pet-parents know that the foundation of a good life for our four-legged (and two-legged and no-legged) friends is their health. A good nutrition plan can help keep your beloved in tip-top shape. If you have feathered friends, check out our Kaytee Heathly treats, or if small critters melt your heart get some special formula for hamsters and gerbils, or perhaps you just need some treats for man’s best friend! We’ve got it all!
                                            cat toy
         Zippy Paws Puzzle Dog Toy

Primping and pampering, oh-la-la. Who doesn’t love some of that? Give your pet that spa treatment from the comfort of your own home. They’ll thank you for it and we hope to get some thanks for the savings. Have dogs or horses that need a little trim?  Invest in the Wahl Clippers. Who says cats don’t like baths? Groom your kitty!  And horses always love a good cleaning, so invest in a Grooming Mitt for your equine friends!
                animal brush glove                          
                       Four Paws Love Glove        
Bird food

C’mon, let’s be real. Some of our pets live for treats! Okay – Most of them LIVE for treats!
Go ahead and let them indulge a little with some of these delectable delights below. They may even be able to have their teeth cared for in the process. We all want our dogs to have better breath – these treats work!  If you have reptiles, you know what a wonderful treat the Can of Grasshoppers is!  And if you have a feathered friend, perhaps you’re looking for these bird treats!  No matter what kind of pet you have, we have you covered!
Animal Toy

We know you can’t be around your buddies all the time, even though you wish you could. But you can keep them entertained with some things they might love…dare we say it…even as much as you? Check out a living habitat for your reptiles, or a safe squeaky toy for your pup.  And of course, every kitty wants an adorable  toy with catnip!
 Girl with animals
So spoil your pets on this special day to celebrate LOVE! Americans love their pets! Whether it’s dogs, cats, birds, pigs, ferrets, hamsters, or any other creature you love, we have treats and sweets to show how much you love them!   


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