How Often Should You Wash Your Pet's Food Bowl?

How Often Should You Wash Your Pet's Food Bowl?

How Often Should You Wash Your Pet's Food Bowl?

So…. Why should I wash my dog's bowl again you ask?

Although there are a multitude of health reasons to clean the dog's bowl daily, let’s forego those nasty’s for just a moment. Let’s instead look at it in another way. Go with me on this for a sec.

You and the kids sit down at the dinner table waiting for whomever the wonderful soul is preparing the meal whether older sis, mom or dad to bring the much awaited, great smelling dinner over to the table. Oh boy, I’m hungry say’s lil Rae!

Suddenly the anticipation of eating a delicious smelling meal is shattered. Why?

Well it appears the plates the delicious meals are being served on obviously were never cleaned! The slime and left-over smears of last night’s spaghetti dinner have been left to dry on the plate partially hidden by tonight’s tasty meal. The good news is the heat of tonight’s food is allowing the day-old grease to melt into tonight’s steaming hot dinner. Nice!

The moral of the story, Clean your pets water and food bowls the way you would clean your own. By hand with hot soapy water until all residue is cleaned off and sterilized, or in a dishwasher for your convenience. Don’t wait to see the bacteria from your dog’s bowl begin forming acne like pimples on your pets face or worse, get Salmonella which will make your pet sick and possibly become a long term carrier of a bacteria that will make humans sick too.

For the sake of love alone, clean your dog’s bowls daily!


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