Halloween Chocolate Safety Tips for Dogs | PawsComplete

Halloween Chocolate Safety Tips for Dogs | PawsComplete

Halloween holds many traditions for decades of children dressing in costumes, running from door to door, and gathering treats which is often an assortment of delicious candies including chocolates.

These tasty little Halloween chocolate treats are not only tasty to us they are mouthwatering to our sweet dogs that share own homes. Unfortunately, chocolates can be toxic to our pups depending on the amount and type of chocolate. The culprit in the chocolate is theobromine which originates from cocoa the main ingredient in chocolates. Humans have the fortunate ability to metabolize the theobromine relatively quickly thus being able to enjoy these tasty Halloween treats without issue, but our dogs unfortunately can’t metabolize the theobromine as quickly allowing it to reach toxic levels.

The good news is that if Fido grabs a small bite of chocolate won’t cause a problem but if Fido who weighs about 10 lbs. gets into the trick or treat bag and grabs a couple of candy bars you might have a problem which may require medical attention. Although the symptoms may vary too much chocolate often results in vomiting and diarrhea, increased thirst, restlessness and excessive urination. If you suspect that Fido was a bad boy and ate chocolate and certainly if he is demonstrating any symptoms reach out to your vet to get their professional advice.

A good alternative is to give your dog healthy dog treats so they feel like they are getting treats like everyone else. They won't feel left out and deprived while the rest of the household is enjoying their Halloween treats.

For The Sake of Love Alone....Be careful with the Halloween Chocolates but enjoy the season!





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