How Extreme Weather Could Have a Lasting Effect on Your Pets

How Extreme Weather Could Have a Lasting Effect on Your Pets

Extreme Weather have been here since the beginning of time and are often lethal to both man and animal alike. When a storm of such historical magnitude recently blast into the Florida coastline with some 155 mph winds, the trail of devastation it leaves in its path reminds us how vulnerable we all really are.

Unfortunately, the devastation doesn’t stop when the winds do for neither man nor animal.

As we confront the almost unimaginable task of rebuilding our communities we often overlook the equally as dangerous potential of the abundance of pathological attacks lurking in the shadows for a soul to steal.

Bacteria’s such as Tetanus thrive abundantly unchecked in the hot damp environments waiting to enter the body through a scratch or cut from a sharp piece metal turned into shrapnel by the violent winds. Stagnant pools of water act as incubators for baby parasites such as Dirofilaria immitis, commonly known as Heartworms. The many species of blood sucking mosquitoes who drink from these pools of nasty become the host carriers of the heartworm larvae. Ultimately, looking to feed, the mosquitoes bite our sweet dogs and cats leaving behind the larvae to propagate wildly within their body’s. Their goal is to travel upstream through the many blood vessels to one destination, the heart. Once they reach their destination they are safe, in the unmedicated pet, to reproduce and grow into spaghetti like looking worms so concentrated that they impede blood flow. Small fragments of the worms literally break off sending showers of emboli into circulation often resulting in fatal injury to the animal.

The good news is that animals being treated with a heartworm preventative medication kill the larvae before they have the chance to wreak havoc. Although extreme weather and catastrophic events such as hurricanes amplify the situation, your pet is always vulnerable to the insidious nature of the mosquito and its larvae carrying ways! Please take the time to educate yourself with regards to heartworm disease and discuss the many options available to you with your veterinarian to prevent this horrible disease from taking the life of your four legged baby! Don't let Extreme Weather Have a Lasting Effect on Your Pets!

For the sake of love alone.... keep your pets fully vaccinated!

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